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Welcome to our paint and leather protection services page where you can pre-book our exclusive "Swissvax Protection Package" online. Our products have been tested and approved by some of the world’s leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bugatti and Spyker cars to name just a few. We are also the only company specialising in Satin Matt paint care and protection in Australia.

If you have placed an order for your new automobile, or recently purchased your new automobile within the last 12 months Swissvax can provide the ultimate protection using our world famous car care products. We will travel to your home, or any destination of your choice where our Master Detailers will lovingly and passionately protect your investment inside and out covering every part of your vehicle using the complete range of Swissvax products.

We understand car care like no other, experience our first class professional service and treat your vehicle to the best protection money can buy at a price that represents true value for money.

The Swissvax new vehicle paint and leather care package is a uniquely handcrafted car care system made in Switzerland and designed to be the finest product line of automotive cosmetic care in the world.


Our "Swissvax Protection Package" is exclusive to this online website:

Each car will be fully detailed with all exterior paint surfaces treated with our Swissvax Paint Protection, a truly extraordinary coating meticulously handcrafted in Switzerland and applied only by detailing professionals for long lasting protection and a beautiful finish. Swissvax Paint Protection is a modern and innovative system for the ultimate protection under the harshest conditions and is a special Carnauba wax which was enriched with non-stick PTFE (Teflon) in order to create an ingenious protective shield for your paintwork to ensure a long lasting smooth as glass paintwork surface.

The Leather interior will also be meticulously prepared and treated with Swissvax Leather Protection followed by Swissvax Leather conditioner containing antioxidants and emulsifiers, enriched with vitamin E, glycerine and banana oil to preserve the natural moisture balance of the leather. It is a luxurious application of the finest hand made products in the world.

Carpets and fabric interiors will be protected against stains with our famous "Lotos Protectant" fabric sealer.


All vehicles will receive the following:

  • Premium exterior application of Swissvax Paint Protection with PTFE Teflon to all painted surfaces including wheels.
  • Full interior preserving and conditioning treatment to all leather and plastic/vinyl surfaces and carpets, floor mats and fabric seats (If applicable).
  • Interior and exterior detailing to all surfaces including plastics, glass, wheels and tyres using Swissvax car care products on all surfaces and components.

All orders received by this website will receive a Free Swissvax car care kit supplied with every car valued at $340.00 which will enable you to maintain your car both inside and out for many years to come.

Unlike others we do not discriminate against luxury vehicles or large 4x4 vehicles by increasing our prices, so whether you own a Ferrari or a Honda we charge the same full value price.

Should you have any questions relating to our services please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. We care for your Dream.

Price: $1,495.00 including GST.

To purchase please use the PayPal Buy Now option below to pay via your PayPal Account or by all major credit cards:

Please note: Once you have made your booking we will contact you back to arrange a best time to suit your needs.

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