Wash & Dry Kit - with car bath shampoo

  • Practical wash & dry kit which contains the key items needed to maintain the appearance of your vehicle
  • Swissvax Car Bath 250ml concentrate - soft and gentle PH neutral wash solution
  • Gentle scratch free washing and water spot free drying
  • Safe and effective on waxed surfaces (Will not remove wax)
  • Comes in a FREE handy Swissvax storage bag

Handy and convenient kit which has the key items you will need to wash, clean and dry your vehicle whilst at the same time ensuring a scratch free finish. The gentle PH neutral shampoo will not affect any wax already applied to your paintwork and because it is a concentrate you only need 10ml to a bucket of warm water

Perfect for your regular washing schedule.

 Also included in the kit is a Swissvax luxury "WashPudel" to gently wash and clean the exterior of your car. Finally, a soft highly absorbent Swissvax Micro-Dry towel to effortlessly dry your car completely leaving no water spots.

 The combination of these items will ensure a perfect wash and dry every time.

 Included in scope of delivery:

  • Swissvax Car Bath Shampoo Concentrate 250ml
  • Swissvax WashPudel luxury washing pad
  • Swissvax Micro-Dry towel
  • Swissvax Storage Bag