Wash & Dry Kit - Opaque for satin matt paints and wraps

  • Practical wash & dry kit for all vehicles with special Satin Matte Paint which contains the key items needed to maintain the appearance of your Matte Paint
  • Swissvax Car Bath Opaque Shampoo concentrate - soft and gentle PH neutral wash solution
  • High lubricity, low foaming formula for a superior scratch free wash
  • Gentle scratch free washing and water spot free drying
  • Safe and effective on waxed surfaces (Will not remove wax)
  • Unlike other standard car shampoo Swissvax "Opaque" shampoo contains NO gloss enhancers that can ruin the appearance of the matt finish, please do not use standard off the shelf car shampoo unless they have been certified as safe for satin matt paint.
  • Comes in a FREE handy Swissvax storage bag

Modern PH neutral wash concentrate with added lubrication as we know from years of experience that lubricity is far more important than bubbles to encapsulate dirt and effectively remove the dirt without scratching. 

Handy and convenient kit which has the key items you will need to wash, clean and dry your vehicle whilst at the same time ensuring a scratch free finish. The gentle PH neutral shampoo will not affect any wax already applied to your paintwork

Also included in the kit is a Swissvax luxury "WashPudel" to gently wash and clean the exterior of your car. Finally, a soft highly absorbent Swissvax Micro-Dry towel to effortlessly dry your car completely leaving no water spots.

 The combination of these items will ensure a perfect wash and dry every time.

 Included in scope of delivery:

  • Swissvax Car Bath Opaque Shampoo Concentrate 250ml
  • Swissvax WashPudel luxury washing pad
  • Swissvax Micro-Dry towel
  • Swissvax Storage Bag

We highly recommend to use Swissvax Opaque Wax to protect your paintwork, never use standard sealants or waxes unless they have been specifically made for Satin Matt paint, all Swissvax Opaque range of products have been produced solely for use on all types of satin matt paint and wraps