VINYL CLEAN - Clear Vinyl window care

  • Especially suitable for early Porsche Boxster 986, early 911's BMW Z3, Mazda MX5 etc roadsters with flexible clear plastic/vinyl rear screens incorporated into the convertible roof.
  • Cleans and cares for all clear vinyl screens and acrylic glass
  • Fights fading and yellowing due to UV radiation successfully and keeps vinyl flexible and transparent for years with regular use
  • Rich nutrient solution keeps the material from becoming brittle
  • In case of severe cloudiness and scratches we recommend the Swissvax Vinyl Clear restorer kit for vinyl windows

Swissvax Vinyl Clean is a Cleaning and Care product for vinyl screens which effectively prevents yellowing and blinding of these screens and keeps them flexible for many years. Vinyl Clean also makes light milky/cloudy screens transparent again. If the screen has already gone medium or heavily milky/cloudy or is scratched we recommend a pre-treatment with the Swissvax Vinyl Clear kit to restore the screen then use this for ongoing maintenance and care