Touchless Warm Air Dryer - Twin Motor for Large Cars, SUV and Boats


Australian engineered and designed for the best drying result. Eliminate scratches and swirl marks that you can introduce when drying with a chamois - Welcome to Touchless Drying!....achieve a drip free finish 80% faster than the conventional way!!!

Meet the next Evolution in Car, Marine and Motorcycle drying

No more water drips and most importantly a spot and streak free finish.

 This incredibly powerful twin motor unit blasts filtered and heated air at speeds of between 72km/h to 288km/h to dry your car/bike/marine craft in just minutes!

The BlowR Pro boasts

  • 12 month warranty in Australia
  • Market leading features such as 5 meter Commercial Grade Hose or upgrade to the extra long 9 meter hose!
  • Low Noise reduction technology 
  • Twin filter system to remove airborne particles at the air inlet
  • Neoprene Rubber Blower Nozzles x 2
  • BTT (Bigboi Temperature Technology).Warm filtered air fixed at 20° C higher than the surrounding environment
  • 4 stage adjustable wind control achieving wind speeds of 72km/h-288km/h The most efficient twin motor system in the industry consisting of 2 x 1400 watts (up to 4HP)
  • Washable easy change foam filters on the inlet side prevents sand or dust/dirt being picked up and blasted at high speed into your paintwork., it’s safer and faster than a leaf blower
  • Wheel base with front pivot wheels for easy movement
  • Safe lock hose system