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Rupes Mille LK900e Forced Rotation Polisher

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Joining the BIGFOOT family of tools to bridge the gap between rotary and free spinning orbital polishers the Mille provides a balance of power, ergonomics, and capability for operators who crave a gear driven solution with zero bog down or loss of speed during polishing.

Featuring a wide assortment of new, innovative features as well as a revolutionary clockwise rotational movement the BIGFOOT Mille delivers powerful defect removal, versatility, and consistent performance in an ergonomic package designed with operator comfort and efficiency of work in mind.

The RUPES BigFoot LK900E ‘Mille’ was designed with the aim of providing a forced rotation machine that offered faster-cutting capability than other gear driven models and also faster cutting than the BigFoot LHR21 MK II or the BigFoot LHR15 MK II. As a result, the Mille provides exceptional cutting power with minimal heat generation and very little steering, more in line with a standard DA. The RUPES-designed Mille’s electric motor allows it to operate with a clockwise rotation, reducing unwanted lateral movement and therefore reducing operator fatigue. RUPES Bigfoot Mille LK 900E Standard Kit.


Forced rotation, or gear driven polishers, provide a half-way point between the cutting action of a rotary polisher and the safety of a dual action (DA). The toothed gear forces both the rotation and the orbit in a more consistent pattern than a standard DA and continues to do so no matter how much pressure is applied to the machine. This allows for a more concentrated cutting action that can be found with free spinning DA polishers. Retaining the orbit/rotation pattern, heat build-up can be controlled more easily than with a rotary polisher.


The new range of foam pads features a low profile, having been designed to maximise the transmission of the gear-driven movement to the working surface, reducing pad distortion and thereby improving stability and control. The tapered edge helps minimise the chances of the edges of the polisher connecting with the car’s panel during operation.

STN Kit Includes:

  • LK900E Polisher with 125mm Backing Pad
  • Back up Pad 150mm
  • 9.BG150H Blue Polishing Foam Pad 150mm
  • 9.BG150M Yellow Polishing Foam Pad 150mm
  • 9.BGCOARSE250 Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml
  • 9.BGFINE250 Fine Polishing Compound 250ml

DLX Kit Includes:

  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mille LK900E with 125mm backing plate
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mille LK900E with 150mm backing plate
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Blue Coarse Polish 250ml (9.BGCOARSE250)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Fine Polish 250ml (9.BGFINE250)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Blue Foam Polishing Pad Coarse 150mm (9.BG150H)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Yellow Foam Polishing Pad Fine 150mm (9.BG150M)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Blue Wool Polishing Pad Coarse 150mm (9.BW150H)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Yellow Wool Polishing Pad Fine 150mm (9.BW150M)
  • 4x RUPES microfiber towels
  • 1x RUPES R808 Protective Sealant
  • 1x RUPES Claw Pad Tool
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Bag