PPF Wax (40% Vol.) Carnauba wax, for PPF Films, Wraps and Foiled Vehicles

  • Our wax is compatible with the chemical structure of all films thanks to natural ingredients
  • Carnauba wax designed for paint protection film (PPF), color wrap film, and foil wraps with natural UV protection
  • For perfect beading behavior and care of all foiled vehicle parts
  • Natural ingredients compatible with the chemical structure of all films
  • Function and durability of the films are optimized

PPF protective films, also known as Paint Protection Films, for vehicles offer numerous benefits, especially in the front area where they can reduce paint damage from stones and other impacts.

The high-quality SWISSVAX PPF Wax provides a strong shine, hydrophobia and "nourish" the film to maintain its elasticity. The wax layer also acts as a kind of sunscreen against harmful UV rays and additionally protects the PPF protective film. The water-repellent effect is further enhanced and lasts up to 12 months on the vehicle.

However, PPF protective films require regular maintenance and to maintain their properties and not become brittle and cracked.

This is because the protective films are constantly exposed to the elements, such as UV rays, dirt and pollutants in the air. These can damage the material of the PPF protective film and reduce its protective effect. However, regular maintenance of the film can help it last longer and retain its protective properties. Using our PPF products will minimize water and lime stains on your PPF.

SWISSVAX PPF Carnauba Wax is ideally suited for the maintenance and care of PPF protective films. Due to the low proportion of aggressive chemical substances, SWISSVAX PPF wax does not attack the PPF foils.

The SWISSVAX PPF wax has been specially developed for the care of films and provides intensive gloss retention, improved water repellency and preservation of the elasticity of the film through high-quality waxes. An additional protective function against UV rays is also included. The special advantage of SWISSVAX PPF wax is its high carnauba wax content of 40%. This natural wax is particularly compatible with the chemical structure of all films and effectively supports their protective effect.