PNEU BRUSH for application of Tyre Conditioners

  • Economical and even application of the SWISSVAX PNEU/Tire care product
  • Targeted application without wasting product
  • Perfect for side wall profiles and tyre lettering
  • Great for engine detailing/application of  Swissvax MOTOR SHINE

The strong wooden handle is comfortable to the hands and the brush enables you to get the product into all the small grooves and valleys on the sidewalls of the tyres. 

Spray Swissvax Pneu directly into the brush (Do not spray onto the tyres as you will inevitably spray onto the rim or surrounding paintwork) then "Paint" the solution directly onto the tyres. You will see small white milky droplets appear - just leave them for 15 to 20 mins and they will slowly absorb into the tyre  - no need to wipe off.

Perfect tyres every time !