MICRO-WASH cloth - yellow

  • Laser-cut hem without any stitching to prevent any possible scratching
  • Multi-purpose cloth for all kinds of use
  • High quality and handy microfiber cloth for effortless, efficient and gentle cleaning
  • Millions of microfibers provide "static absorption" and "holding capillary action" resulting in great performance
  • Can also be used as a replacement for wash mitts - use together with your car shampoo for soft and gentle washing
  • Can be machine-washed and re-useable
  • Included in the Wheel Cleaning kits & Master Collections

The Swissvax Micro Wash microfiber cloth is a highly efficient utensil for the effortless cleaning of plain surfaces. It uses static absorption and holding capillary action between thousands of microfibers providing an excellent capability of absorbing and holding the dirt and is so easy to use with your choice of cleaning chemicals.