MARINE NANO EXPRESS quick refinisher for plastics and painted surfaces

  • One step cleaning and conditioning of multiple surfaces
  • A quick refreshing detailing fluid based on nano technology designed for use across all materials encountered on the interior and exterior of marine craft
  • Just spray on and wipe off plastics, rubber, vinyl seats and painted surfaces

Swissvax Nano Express is an innovative quick detailing fluid based on nano technology. It thoroughly cleans, enhances and seals paintwork, plastics, vinyl seats and rubbers to a perfectly clean and flawless finish in just one application.

Nano Express is sprayed directly on the surface area, immediately spread evenly using a Swissvax applicator pad and then quickly polished to a brilliant gloss using a Swissvax Micro Absorb Cloth (Rose) or a Swissvax Micro-Fluffy towel.