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LEATHER SANDING PAD (also for Alcantara)


  • Can be used on Napa, suede and buffalo leather, as well as Alcantara
  • Lighter scratches and abrasions in the leather can be gently sanded away
  • Removes the “pilling” effect on Alcantara surfaces (knotted or matted surface)
  • Use before application of Swissvax Leather Healer (leather dye)
  • This special pad will not leave any abrasives behind in the leather unlike traditional sanding pads which leave abrasive particles embedded in the leather after use

The Leather Sanding Pad is a practical and handy utensil that can be used in conjunction with the Swissvax Leather Healer (leather dye). It allows you to gently sand down scratches in the leather surface prior to the application of the Swissvax Leather Dye. The combined use of these two products allows you to restore your leather interior to factory condition.