ENGINE - Engine cleaner concentrate/degreaser

  • Highly effective water based engine cleaner concentrate for thorough yet gentle engine cleaning
  • Can also be safely used on plastic parts, hoses, cables or electronic components
  • Mix the concentrate with the help of a Swissvax Mixing Bottle
  • Engine Cleaner concentrate enriched with citrus oils (Dilute with water to your desired strength)
  • Allows the effortless, effective and thorough but gentle engine cleaning without any negative side-effects neither affecting plastic parts or engine components with no etching or staining.
  • We recommend the combined use with a Swissvax Wheel or Detail Brush to agitate the solution before rinsing off with clean water.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients, no caustic products, no ammonia's and no acids

In contrary to many other aggressive acid containing engine cleaners, Swissvax Engine neither affects plastic parts nor electric components and therefore is guaranteed safe to use. Normal off the shelf degreasers contain strong caustic chemicals which should be avoided on valuable automobiles. 

Swissvax engine is mixed with water in the correct mixing ratio using the Swissvax Mixing Bottle and is directly sprayed on the surface areas to be cleaned, let it work for a few minutes. Then we recommend use together with a Swissvax Wheel or Detail Brush.