Foam Play - Snow Foam Shampoo Concentrate 1 Litre


FOAM PLAY has been developed specifically as your go to all in one Aftercare Foam & Wash. Producing a thick shampoo foam that can be used in any snow foam cannon. 

Safe for all vehicles with either waxed or ceramic coated paintwork.

Nothing like starting with a bit of FOAM PLAY! This is the first stage in your paint protection cleaning process.  Not only will it clean thoroughly and effectively but it also creates a hydrophobic finish to maintain your paintwork.


Do not wash your car in direct sunlight to avoid water spotting. Please select a clean dry shaded area for this application. Dry thoroughly after rinsing using a Swissvax Micro-Dry towel or use your Warm Air Dryer


  • Use up to 100ml of FOAM PLAY to 1L of water in a foam cannon (ratio 1:9). Can also be used as a traditional hand & bucket method wash, using warm water and a wash mitt (Swissvax Washpudel)
  • Pressure wash the vehicle and repeat the process if needed ensuring most of the debris is removed.
  • Apply FOAM PLAY from the bottom up, allowing the product to dwell on the surface for up to 5min.
  • Pressure wash the car again to ensure most if not all the harsh debris has been removed.
  • Traditional hand and bucket wash the road grease in heavy traffic areas if needed.
  • Repeat pressure wash rinse ensuring all soap and debris is removed.
  • Air dry the car with a warm air DRYER or dry with your Swissvax Micro-Dry Towel

Also available with "bubblegum fragrance" !