CARAT (81% Vol.) Carnauba wax with PTFE

  • More wax is simply not possible
  • Highest Carnauba content and maximum PTFE content achieve a result that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of shine and resistance
  • Our latest creation and pride of our manufacture

The scent of CARAT wax is reminiscent of a deep stone cave in the middle of the forest. Fresh, cold air infused with stony notes, comparable to the clarity and hardness of precious stones.

The Swiss manufacturer SWISSVAX for car care products, or Car Cosmetics, is known for high-quality waxes for cars, motorbikes, yachts and aircraft.

CARAT from Swissvax is a high-end premium wax that achieves a carnauba content of 81%. This wax delivers an unprecedented level of depth and shine. Beyond the high level of carnauba wax, a significant level of PTFE has been included in the formula to ensure extreme resistance to insects, dirt, and other impurities.

More wax is no longer possible. At 81%, this is the highest carnauba content and maximum PTFE content, and it achieves a result that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of gloss and resistance.

The SWISSVAX developers have set themselves new standards with the aim of developing a wax that goes to the limits of what is possible. The aim was to create a product that scores with maximum gloss, the highest possible protection and durability. That is CARAT

The high-end premium wax CARAT from SWISSVAX achieves a carnauba content of 81% and thus a previously unattained level of shine. In addition, a maximum of PTFE has been added, which ensures extreme resistance to insects, dirt and other impurities.

The high gloss and the "hardness" of this wax, like a brilliant gemstone, are also expressed in the new name:


The new wax will be launched in a limited special edition. Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, the wax will be offered in specially designed 100 ml tins. The fragrance developed especially for the wax further underlines the exclusivity of this product. The first international pre-orders were received directly after the pre-premiere.

A wax pot with 100 ml content is sufficient for approx. 10-15 applications - depending on the car - and lasts up to 12 months on the vehicle.