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CAR BATH Luxury Shampoo Concentrate (Gel)



  • PH Neutral formula with moisturizing fruit extracts protect and extend the duration of the Swissvax Wax as well as enhance the gloss after every wash
  • Extremely concentrated: 10 ml suffices for one bucket of wash solution
  • Highly-effective and paintwork friendly shampoo concentrate
  • Effectively breaks the bond between the dirt and the paint surface for a perfect and effortless car wash.
  • High lubricity formula for a scratch free wash
  • Prolongs the lifetime of your Swissvax wax finish and therefore is absolutely safe and strongly recommended for regular washing.

Modern PH neutral wash concentrate with added lubrication as we know from years of experience that lubricity is more important than bubbles to encapsulate dirt and effectively remove the dirt without scratching. 

Soft as rain water, Swissvax Car Bath is a highly-effective but paintwork- and wax-friendly shampoo concentrate, It effectively breaks the bond between the dirt and the paint surface allowing you to perfectly and effortlessly wash your vehicle achieving best results with ease and in minimum time only. We recommend the combined use with the Swissvax Waschpudel for an immaculate and scratch free car wash.