Motorcycle Detailing Services


Swissvax Motorcycle Detailing Services

As well as automobiles, Swissvax also specialises in the fine detailing of motorcycles, including touring bikes, choppers, show bikes and sports bikes. We also cater for special motorcycle events, motorcycle shows and displays, manufacturer ride days and new model product launches. We are the only company in Australia that specialises in the proper cleansing and protection of delicate Satin Matt paint finishes.

We cater not only for the above motorcycles but we also offer cost effective detailing to all owners at surprisingly affordable rates. Swissvax detailing is not just for expensive motorcycles, you will be amazed at what we can do for your motorcycle within your budget no matter which brand you own.

Motorcycle detailing is a specialised field, they are so very different from Automobiles and boats etc, for this reason we only provide Swissvax Authorised Bike detailing services through “Clean Ride Australia” who are dedicated motorcycle detailers and experts in the fine art of cleaning and protecting your ride. Their knowledge, passion, dedication and quality of work is unrivalled in this industry and as a result we opened the world’s first Swissvax Certified Bike Care Centre in Perth during 2016 together with Clean Ride to ensure motorcycle riders/owners have access to the quality detailing services they deserve. Since then we have opened centres in Brisbane and Adelaide with other states planned for the near future.

Motorcycle Detailing *

  • Hand application of the finest handmade waxes on the market today including our dedicated Bike Wax made with fuel repellent properties.

  • Long Term Paint Protection for new and used bikes.

  • Paint restoration (For faded or sun bleached paintwork)

  • Machine polishing for removal of scratches, swirl marks (Spiderwebs) and holograms

  • Removal of paint defects and blemishes such as marring, industrial fallout, etching from bird lime or acid

  • Headlight restoration due to fogging clouding or faded lenses,

  • Restoration of faded plastics or vinyl

  • Removal of bore water stains from paintwork and metal surfaces

  • Chrome and brightwork polishing

  • Helmet cleaning and protection

  • Leather Jackets and leather accessories - cleaning, colour restoration and rejuvenation

Whether you would like to reward your pride and joy with a detailing treatment to refresh and then keep it in its best shape or if you would like to increase the resale value of a motorcycle prior to selling, Swissvax products will no doubt be an excellent choice for you. 

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