Introduction to Swissvax Detailing

Quality is no coincidence

Throughout the world Swissvax has been recognised as the leading brand for interior and exterior surface care in the world's finest Automobiles, Marine Vessels and Aircraft. In the automotive industry our products have received global approval from some of the world's finest car manufacturers such as Aston Martin Lagonda, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Spyker Cars, Rolls Royce Motor Cars and Automobili Lamborghini Spa. This level of approval is only achieved after rigorous testing in laboratory and real life conditions by engineers from each of these manufacturers before they would commission Swissvax to produce O.E.M car care products which bear their name.

We now offer in Australia class leading detailing services for each of these important markets, whether you own a luxury or sports car, yacht or cruiser, light aircraft or Learjet we can provide you with an award winning service to clean, protect and enhance your investment using the entire range of Swissvax Care Products.

From the primary products and ingredients to the manufacturing processes and quality control standards up to the finished product, you can see, feel and experience the quality for which Swissvax and many famous Swiss products are renowned for worldwide. And from a customer's perspective, should you choose to purchase our products from this website you will be delighted by this outstanding quality every time you use them.

It therefore is self-evident that our detailing services have to reflect the exact same commitment to quality. Swissvax detailing services are provided to the highly sophisticated clientele only by Swissvax Authorized Car Care Centres and Swissvax Authorized Detailers. Our Swissvax Professional Partner Programme ensures spectacular and long-lasting results achieved safely and consistently by trained authorized specialists who all share a strong enthusiasm for Automobiles, Marine Craft and Aircraft.

It's not only about the perfect appearance and the beautiful finish, but also thorough and long-lasting protection because in Australia we experience some of the harshest conditions and changing environmental factors such as UV radiation, heat, industrial fall out and other natural hazards like tree sap and bird lime. Having your investment protected with Swissvax helps you to prevent any damage suffered from these inevitable environmental impacts.

In the following pages you will discover more about our detailing services, just click on the section applicable for your Automobile, Aircraft or Marine Vessel.

If you are an existing Professional Detailing Service or maybe you want to own a detailing business in the future, please contact for more information.