Car Clubs / Workshops

We are often engaged by car clubs and groups to conduct educational workshops to ensure that owners and enthusiasts can learn how to best care for their automobile or motorcycle using the worlds best car care products - Swissvax

We will show you how to care for every part of your car using safe procedures and best industry practices. Knowledge is everything.

Our workshops include practical demonstrations as well as theory information on all our product range to keep the audience interested and engaged.

We offer our workshops free of charge to registered car clubs - both classic and modern, luxury and sports cars etc - and not forgetting motorcycles too.

Topics covered, but not limited to;

  • Washing methods and products
  • Drying - including touchless drying.
  • Waxes & Sealants, Ceramic coatings, PPF Films etc
  • Paint decontamination - mechanical and chemical
  • Convertible roof care - cleaning and waterproofing
  • Leather cleaning, conditioning and care/maintenance
  • Leather Restoration and re-colouring
  • Interior surfaces
  • Alcantara cleaning and care
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Tyre and rubber care
  • Metal polishing and cleaning
  • Care, cleaning and restoration of plastics and vinyl
  • Paint protection and wheel protection

Each workshop is tailor made to your requirements and usually takes 4 to 6 hours - If you are interested to know more please contact us for more information.