Aviation Detailing Services

Swissvax Aviation Detailing Services 

Do you own a light aircraft or a private jet and are looking for specialists who adequately cater for its exterior by giving your aircraft a perfect refresh and effectively protecting it from ageing or environmental impacts?

We now offer the unrivalled Swissvax finish which so far has become world famous and highly popular among owners and collectors of executive cars, supercars and classic cars – now also for your aircraft.

The Swissvax detailing process consists of a 3-step procedure during which the paintwork surface is immaculately cleaned, small scratches and defects are removed and then sealed with one or multiple layers of our special "AVIATICO" aviation wax.

After our detailing service is carried out, your aircraft will not only look incredibly stunning, but thanks to the super fine, smooth and silky surface we achieve, airborne contaminates will adhere less to the surface making it much easier and faster to clean in the future.

Some of our exterior Services offered:

  • Decontamination and cleaning of all exterior surfaces
  • Machine polishing of painted surfaces to remove scratches and defects to create a perfectly smooth surface
  • Waxing and sealing of exterior painted surfaces
  • Cleaning of all glass and clear plastics or perspex
  • Removal of stains, water marks/runs and exterior soiling  

Aircraft Interior Care

In the passenger areas we perfectly cater for the vast majority of materials and surfaces encountered such as fine leather, fabrics, natural and varnished wood applications, plastics & vinyl, painted surfaces, metals and carpets. We use the famous range of Swissvax products which in the automotive sector are renowned as the market leader and have been developed and refined over generations.

Some of our interior services offered:

  • Deep cleansing and conditioning of all leather interiors
  • Recolouring and restoration of worn leather surfaces
  • Extraction shampoo of all fabric seats and carpets
  • Cleansing conditioning of all plastic and vinyl surfaces
  • Cleaning of glass and perspex surfaces
  • Cleansing of cockpits, instrumentation and flight controls
  • Cleaning and waxing of fine natural wood or varnished/lacquered wooden surfaces

Due to the vast differences in size between various aircraft please Contact Us for further details and a specific quote.