SWISSVAX Polishing Pad (medium) Blue 135mm Dia

Polishing Pad (medium) Blue 135mm Dia
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  • Sponge Polishing Pad - Blue - 135mm x 25mm - Medium Cut.

  • Swissvax Blue (MEDIUM) pad is a medium density foam pad in the Swissvax range, designed for the removal of minor scratches, swirl marks, spider webbing and holograms on all colours and paints. Medium cut and finishes to a high gloss. For best results use with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional "Regular" or "Medium".

  • NEW range of Polishing pads by Swissvax for those who demand perfection
  • Made to perfectly match the Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional Polishing Compounds
  • Perfectly suited for all Rotary Polishing Machines, Dual Action Machines and Random Orbital Polishing Machines.
  • Safe and effective on all paint types achieving a flawless finish
  • Swissvax Pads are premium quality with a velcro backing for fast and convenient pad changes, they feature innovative technology to ensure you achieve a flawless finish when combined with our advanced polishing compounds (Swissvax Cleaner Fluids Professional).

    Designed by Swissvax to be the ultimate polishing pads for professional car detailers and enthusiasts alike.

    Note: For free advice on polishing pad selection and/or compound choice please contact us:

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