SWISSVAX Lotos Neutralizer pre-treatment, 1000 ml - OUT OF STOCK

Lotos Neutralizer pre-treatment, 1000 ml - OUT OF STOCK
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  • Removes any residues left by soap, tensides or similar
  • May be sprayed on directly after cleaning / washing the textile surface
  • Compulsory pre-treatment required for the long-term impregnation with Lotos Protectant

Swissvax Lotos Neutralizer prepares convertible textile soft tops and other textile surfaces for the revolutionary long term impregnation with Swissvax Lotos Protectant which creates the unique lotos effect on any type of textile surface.

And that's how it works: After the conventional washing and cleaning of the soft top and whilst the fabric surface is still wet, Lotos Neutralizer is simply sprayed directly onto the surface, let a few moments to work in and then thoroughly rinsed off. Job completed. It effectively removes residues left by soap, tensides and similar and ensures that the Lotos Protectant may perfectly adhere to the surface.

Lotos Neutralizer forms the compulsory pre-treatment for Swissvax's revolutionary long term textile impregnation called Lotos Protectant which offers a stunning lotos effect and lasts not only months but years.

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