SWISSVAX NEW size - CRYSTAL ROCK 50 ml - Paul Dalton's state-of-the-art Carnauba-Glaze 50ml

NEW size - CRYSTAL ROCK 50 ml - Paul Dalton's state-of-the-art Carnauba-Glaze 50ml
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    • New size 50ml wax pots now in stock by popular request.
    • Concours wax with over 76% by volume of pure, ivory-colour, grade one Carnauba wax from northern Brazil
    • Specially developed for Paul Dalton in Great Britain, one of the best car detailers in the world
    • Achieves extremely waterproof, long-term protection as well as high-gloss surfaces
    • Very easy, quick and pleasant to use
    • Pre-treat paint surface with Paint Rubber and Cleaner Fluid
    • Swissvax is the official Global supplier of car care products and waxes to Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Rolls-Royce, Spyker and Lamborghini

    Paul Dalton is famous worldwide for his extraordinary talent when it comes to car care. Reports about his "£5,000 car wash" have been broadcast everywhere from RTL to Japanese TV stations. He cares for supercars in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East with devotion and perfection and is well-known for his attention to detail. As far as the development of his own "Crystal Rock" state-of-the-art Carnauba wax, it was quite clear to Paul Dalton that only the most exclusive manufacturer of car waxes came into consideration - the small Swiss wax factory Swissvax. With over 76% vol. of pure, ivory-colour, grade one Carnauba wax from northern Brazil, a Carnauba sealant had been created that had the highest proportion of Carnauba wax anywhere in the world. In spite of this, Crystal Rock is very easy, quick and pleasant to use. Apart from the proverbial "beading" effect, it achieves a staggering gloss experience on all paint systems with deep glowing and soft mirror finishes that astonish even the most experienced competition enthusiasts. Small wonder then that the most valuable collectable cars (for example the much-admired Bugatti Royale in the Schlumpf collection) are amongst those that are cared for using Swissvax Crystal Rock wax.

    Before application of the wax, the paint surface is to be pre-treated with Paint Rubber (recommended) as well as with Cleaner Fluid (essential). Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the paint surface is free of old wax residues, acid rain deposits, tar, insect residues and other impurities and the wax will adhere perfectly to the paint surface. The correct preparation of the paint surface is the key to a perfect Swissvax finish.

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