SWISSVAX NEW - Marine Longevity Wax (for color-painted surfaces), 200 ml

NEW - Marine Longevity Wax (for color-painted surfaces), 200 ml
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  • Swissvax Marine wax with 42% (By Vol.) Grade 1 Ivory Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil with built in natural UV stabilizer designed specifically to protect colour painted marine vessels made from steel or aluminium.
  • Water-repellent lotus effect on all painted hulls, superstructures and painted surfaces.
  • Lasting effect against dark deposits from rainwater thanks to the enrichment with PTFE Teflon
  • Recharges paintwork luster and prevents ageing and oxidisation commonly found in the harsh marine environment
  • Easy wax application and removal is a trademark of Swissvax waxes, no streaking, no smearing and effortless for all boat owners as well as professional detailers with an amazing smooth glossy finish
  • Hand made in Switzerland by our master wax makers who have carefully blended, and enriched this special wax formulation with passion fruit extracts and PTFE Teflon

      Steel and aluminum are both popular boat building materials, which are capable of carrying heavy loads and have high strength. Because of its high strength and flexibility, steel is mainly used for the hull construction and the construction of larger yachts and ships, while aluminum is often used for weight-saving superstructures on steel ships. Both metals corrode, albeit in varying degrees, and should be protected with a good paint and paint care system.

        With 42% of Grade One ivory Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil and natural UV stabilizer it provides long-term protection for all painted surfaces, is economical and easy to use and has a lasting effect thanks to the enrichment with PTFE Teflon against dirt and dark deposits from rainwater. Swissvax Marine Longevity Wax produces impressive gloss and a durable self-cleaning water repellent lotus effect that will create a sensation!.

          Use after pre-treatment with Swissvax Marine Cleaner Fluid Regular, or Swissvax Marine Cleaner Fluid Medium

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