SWISSVAX Festool Geared eccentric Polishing Machine Rotex RO 150

Festool Geared eccentric Polishing Machine Rotex RO 150
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The Rotex RO150 is the top of the range polishing machine made in Germany by Festool. Eccentric machines have several advantages over standard rotary machines, importantly the eccentric action does not build up heat which means paint burns are a thing of the past, you will also use less polishing product compared to rotary machines as product is not thrown off with centrifugal force giving you an economical machine and less cleaning of product spatter from adjacent panels and glass. With two operating modes it can be used in course or fine modes giving the user flexibility and performance unmatched in a rotary machine

  • Swissvax recommend the Festool range of Machine Polishers as best in class for the perfect, and permanent removal of scratches, swirl marks and holograms when combined with Swissvax Polishing Pads and Polishing Compounds (Cleaner Fluids).
  • Effortless polishing and removal of swirl marks and scratches from all painted surfaces
  • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal
  • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces
  • FastFix buffing pad system, tool-less pad changes
  • Polishing up to the edge thanks to the Festool PROTECTOR
  • The softgrip handle and ergonomic dome grip allows for long periods of use without fatigue
  • MMC electronic controls deliver soft-start, step-less variable speed control, constant speed under load, and thermal and overload protection.

Main applications:

  • Perfect high gloss finish every time
  • Easy to use for professional car detailers and car enthusiasts alike
  • Perfectly matched to the Swissvax range of polishing compounds (Cleaner Fluids) and buffing pads
  • Compact and ergonomic design, the ROTEX weighs just over 2kg with perfect balance and weight distribution. Pleasant soft grip material and slim design ensure a secure hold and comfortable grip at all times.
  • Hologram-free polishing for the perfect finish
  • Class leading warranty consisting of 1yr + 2yrs for a total of 3 years for your peace of mind.

NOTE: Please select one of the 2 variants (listed below) from the drop down menu in the top right of this screen according to your requirements.

  • 1) Rotex RO150 FE AUS = Comes in a standard box with a fixed power lead/plug. Price = $1,030.00
  • 2) Rotex RO150 FEQ-Plus AUS = Comes in the new Festool T-Loc Systainer (Storage Box) and has a detachable power lead. Price = $1090.00

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