SWISSVAX Festool Rotary polisher RAP 80

Festool Rotary polisher RAP 80
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The superior ergonomics of the RAP80.02E are impressive, as is the case with all polishers by Festool: functional dome grip, compact design and the lowest weight of any other polishing machine. After all, non-tiring work forms the basis for quality working results. Vertical and awkward surfaces no longer pose a problem. Ideal for professional car detailers and car enthusiasts alike who appreciate high quality.

  • Swissvax recommend the Festool range of Machine Polishers as best in class for the perfect, and permanent removal of scratches, swirl marks and holograms when combined with Swissvax Polishing Pads and Polishing Compounds (Cleaner Fluids).
  • Perfect for small, rounded, or hard to reach places - The RAP 80 fits securely in the hand and is easy and safe to guide.
  • Compact 500w motor with no-load speed of 750 to 2,300rpm.
  • Temperature dependant overload protection for a long service life and protection against motor damage.
  • Specialist for small surfaces, especially those intricate surfaces that always frustrate the professional car detailer such as roof rails, A, B and C Pillars, spoilers, flutes and grilles, not to mention motorcycle fuel tanks.
  • Slim, compact design combined with amazingly low weight of 1.6kg for excellent manoeuvrability, accuracy and control.
  • Ergonoic dome grip and perfect weight distribution for relaxed work.
  • Speed pre-selection, controlled speed and smooth start-up.
  • Built in heat-sink prevents heat transfer into the handle for comfortable and stress free polishing for extended periods of time.
  • Stepless speed pre-selector (MMC Electronic) so that you always work at the right speed.
  • Class leading warranty consisting of 1yr + 2yrs for a total of 3 years for your peace of mind.

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