Yacht Care

Clean, polish, maintain & seal

Wood is the oldest and most natural material used in the boat building industry. In boat building different types of wood are used which can vary widely in their characteristics. Tropical hardwoods like Mahogany and Teak feel comfortable in salt water and are especially suitable for the hull or deck planking. Whereas softwoods are more suitable for poles, barriers, rudder or tillers and for interior furnishings.

Unlike fiberglass boats wooden boats require more care and maintenance because wood can absorb or release moisture making it either swell or shrink. Therefore paint, or wood coatings have to allow for sufficient flexibility to sustainably protect the wood from moisture and rotting.

Teak and other similar tropical hardwoods, are usually oiled and only rarely painted as paint poorly adheres to these naturally oily woods. Its natural resistance to rot is the main reason why teak is mainly used for teak decks and deck furniture.

With Swissvax Marine Wood Care products you can clean, treat and protect all of these types of wood in the marine environment from wooden hulls, to teak decking and interior softwood furnitures.