Swissvax Waxes

Wash, clean, care & seal

Waxing and sealing paintwork

These award-winning carnauba formulations go beyond normal perceptions of "shiny". For deeply reflective surfaces that will create a sensation on your automobile's paintwork - simply amazing! Even today, Swissvax waxes are exclusively made and poured by hand. The highly complicated formulations do not allow an industrial production.

 "Formulation becomes Art"

The use of natural carnauba wax to “glossify” surfaces dates back to the 19th century. The secret of Swissvax waxes’ exceptional durability lies in the perfected blending of carnauba wax with several other waxes, natural fruit oils and a few more secret ingredients. A delicate process that takes many hours of manufacturing using double-walled micro particles (so-called micro-encapsulation).

Manufacturer endorsements 

In the automotive industry our products have received global approval from some of the world's finest car manufacturers such as Aston Martin Lagonda, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Spyker Cars, Rolls Royce Motor Cars and Automobili Lamborghini Spa. This level of approval is only achieved after rigorous testing in laboratory and real life conditions by engineers from each of these manufacturers before they would commission Swissvax to produce O.E.M car care products which bear their name.