Marine Plastics & Vinyl Care

The majority of marine all weather seating is made from artificial leather, faux leather, vinyl etc. Over time UV damage can occur and can be recognised by the brown discolouring and rough texture/feel which is caused by a combination of neglect, UV sun rays and oxidisation. Sun damaged seating looks awful and unfortunately it is a sign that the degradation process has begun which will eventually fail and require re-trimming and replacement.

Sun damaged vinyl can be easily prevented with proper cleaning and conditioning of the surface using Swissvax marine care on a regular basis. Please avoid using harsh chemicals or aggressive abrasive creams or all purpose cleaners which are highly alkaline. These products will strip the natural oils and protective top layer of the vinyl causing premature failure.

Regular cleaning, care and maintenance will ensure that your marine seating always looks and feels wonderful - thanks to Swissvax Marine.