Convertible Care

Fabric or Mohair convertible roofs require special attention to maintain and protect.

UV damage, acid rain, heat, humidity and industrial fallout will degrade the fabric fibres over time and the usually the first signs of degradation are the stitching seams which start to fail. Do not use harsh chemicals as these can destroy the structure of the fibres causing premature failure.

Convertible roof care starts when the car is new, clean regularly with Swissvax PH neutral shampoo and a brush or use our dedicated convertible top cleaner. Avoid washmitts or microfiber cloths as these will leave a constant trail of lint and fibres. A brush works best.

Once per year apply Swissvax Lotos Protectant to effectively waterproof the fibres and protect them from degradation and UV damage.

The aim is not 100% waterproofing as some people think, under the roof is a rubber neoprene lining that prevents water ingress into the cabin - waterproofing the roof helps keep the inner lining dry and prevents mould / mildew from rotting the roof from the inside where you cannot see. It also coats the individual fibers to prevent UV damage and staining from occurring.